March Employee Spotlight: Cortland Golightly

Our March Planner Spotlight goes to Cortland Golightly from the San Ramon Insight Wealth Strategies Team. Cortland got into the finance industry 20 years ago in the hopes of helping to educate people about money and make a positive impact in their lives in the process.

Cortland joined the Insight team over 5 years ago and says one of his favorite things about the company “are the relationships I’ve built”. In addition to caring for his clients, Cortland has been active with the De La Salle Alumni Board and plans to return very soon. Most people do not realize that 33% of the De La Salle student body is on financial aid and the Alumni Board helps to raise over $1 million dollars a year to help fund them. Cortland says that “had it not been for DLS I would not be the man I am today.  It is important in life that we give back and try and lift each other up.  One never knows when someone may need a hand-up.  I hope to help other young men who are in a situation like I was or worse, become “Les Hommes De Foi” (men of faith).  Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.” 

When he is not in the office, you can find Cortland at the gym, buying food to cook dinner for his family, picking up his son or visiting Tahoe. Cortland lived in Incline Village when he was young and says “the Tahoe basin is in my blood.” Besides visiting Tahoe, Cortland’s favorite travel memory is his honeymoon, where he and his wife traveled to Greece and Italy.