Let’s shed light on some exciting possibilities:

 Elimination of the ACA Surtax: as you know there is currently a 3.8% tax on income above $200,000 ($250,000 filed jointly) for the Affordable Care Act.

 Reduction of corporate tax rates: Currently as much as 35%! This is an effort to make US companies more competitive thus spurring our domestic economy.

Repatriation of Corporate Assets: 10% tax holiday on untaxed overseas earnings. This would help pay for the reforms that directly affect the people.

Amendment of Gift and Estate Taxation: making for easier wealth and property transfer from generation to generation (among other changes).

Many reading this are probably immediately asking: “How do we plan for tax changes when we don’t know what is going to change?” That is a great question. Change is a constant factor, so in financial planning we must accommodate for such inevitability.

The best way to plan for change is summarized below:

1) Asset allocation: Ensure your assets are properly diversified across different asset classes, products and companies (as per your risk tolerance).
2) Follow your plan: When planning properly, short-term changes and uncertainty rarely cause long-term outcomes. Staying the course and knowing why are key factors in long-term success.
3) Be mindful of taxation: There are many different ways to invest. Always ensure your plan diversifies across investments and taxation alike.
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