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The Insight Model

This sophisticated modeling helps us determine the adequacy of your current financial situation. It shows how a given financial planning strategy you have already implemented, or are considering, compares to other available strategies. It also demonstrates what may happen to your current financial plan if you experience significant changes in your personal or family situation, taxes, inflation, or investment returns.

Effective financial planning is only possible with the help of precise modeling. We use industry-leading software that allows us to create an individualized financial condition model that:

Addresses your needs and objectives – to fully consider the long-term impact of taxation, inflation, and each of the financial strategies you have implemented, or plan to implement

Projects your annual cash flow– income and expenses – and your asset growth over the full length of your life expectancy

Estimates the size of your net worth – your estate, including all assets during and at the end of your life

Coordinates all of your current advisors – your current advisors (i.e., attorneys, CPAs, etc.) may be focused specialists, but we take a cross-disciplinary approach to ensure the alternatives you choose complement any existing business, estate tax, and/or investment strategies you may have
Follow through on financial plan – to ensure the long-term benefit of our financial planning process, we periodically meet with you to monitor and analyze any changes in your financial situation and objectives, evaluate their impact on your current financial plan, and recommend solutions if necessary

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