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Understanding Segment Rates: "Am I working for free?"

Watch Our Webinar!

Understanding Segment Rates: "Am I working for free?"

With interest rates on the rise, many Chevron employees are asking themselves “Am I working for free?”.

If retirement is on the horizon for you, choosing the right month to commence benefits could be trickier than it seems.

We break down how segment rates work, how they affect your lump-sum payment and why the timing of your retirement is so important. 

Our Chevron financial planners have over 20 years of experience helping Chevron employees navigate their retirement and get the most out of their benefits package.

Segment Rate Update - April 2024 Numbers

Click the button above to view a rolling 1 year chart of the IRS Minimum Present Value Segment Rates and the 3 month average used for the CRP.

The IRS has posted updated Min Present Value Segment Rates for the month of April 2024. They are as follows:

First Segment

Second Segment

Third Segment

First Segment
Increase of 0.25

Second Segment
Increase of 0.29

Third Segment
Increase of 0.24

The IRS publishes a table of Minimum Present Value Segment Rates here:

IRS Segment Rates

No Data Found

Chevron Rates

Based on the 3-month average that the CRP uses (February, March, April) the Segment Rates for July 2024 retirement are:

First Segment

Second Segment

Third Segment

First Segment
Increase of 0.117

Second Segment
Increase of 0.113

Third Segment
Increase of 0.107

The newly published IRS rates will be factored into the 3-month average used for the CRP lump sum calculation for Chevron employees who wish to take the CRP lump sum in July 2024.

Chevron Retirement Plan (CRP) Rates

No Data Found

The following table demonstrates the hypothetical* impact of recent IRS segment rate updates to the lump sum value for a 65-year-old Chevron employee with an estimated single-life annuity payment of $7,500 month:


The Data is Not Available

If a Chevron employee is debating June or July as their benefit commencement date, based solely on the lump sum value of the CRP, June would be the better of the 2 months. The approximate decrease in the CRP value for a July retirement in this hypothetical scenario would be about -1.02%.

While your CRP Lump Sum or your pension is not only based on interest rates, looking at recent rates over time can give you an idea of how your lump sum will be affected, and help you when you are choosing the best retirement date. Remember that interest rates have an inverse relationship with a lump sum pension, so as interest rates increase, lump sum pension value decreases

*Due to the individual nature of the actual CRP lump sum calculation, you would need to run the estimator to determine the true impact to your value.

Note: Guidance for Standard Deduction, Earned Income Credit, and Reduced Refunds can be found on the IRS website.

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