5 Tips for Traveling After Retirement

After working hard your entire life, it can be both exciting and intimidating to have so many places to travel to and the time to do so! From road trips with your grandkids to journeys across the globe, there are so many ways to explore new places. It’s your time to treat yourself and travel to the destinations you’ve been dreaming of.

As magical as white-sand beaches and sparkling concrete jungles may be, traveling can be a mission! To help you get started, here are five tips for making travel fun, affordable, and fulfilling after retirement:

  1. Create a Bucket List

With countless beautiful countries waiting for you, it can be a good idea to create a bucket list of destinations to help prioritize your possibilities. A country halfway across the world with a multi-day plane flight may be doable when you’re 60 but not so enjoyable when you’re 80. A bucket list will help you maximize your time, so you don’t miss out on that spot you’ve always been meaning to explore.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going, take the time to research exciting things to do in that area. One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing a new culture. Embrace the opportunity to try local activities you wouldn’t get to do anywhere else by researching ahead of time!

     2. Visit Multiple Places in One Trip

The great thing about retirement is you can take months off to explore and relax on vacation. Let’s say you want to visit both Spain and Greece. Rather than booking two separate trips and doubling your costs, try taking one longer trip to give yourself ample time to fully enjoy your destination. Continents like Europe and Asia are great, as many countries are just a train ride away.

     3. Reserve in Advance

Last-minute bookings can multiply travel prices exponentially. Try booking your flights and hotels months in advance and take time to compare pricing on booking sites such as Expedia or hotels.com.

Booking transportation ahead of time, such as train tickets, can help mitigate those fees so you can hit every tourist must-see spot. If you’re planning on stopping by any theater performances or museums, reserving can not only cut costs, but ensure your spot. The more activities you can book in advance, the better!

     4. Try an Organized Trip

Organized tours are growing in popularity thanks to their convenience and community. Everything is already planned out for you, and you get the added safety of traveling in a group.

This is a fantastic option for solo travelers, as you get to meet new people while enjoying the security of traveling with others. Different tour companies tend to have itineraries that cater to different age groups so give them a call to find the right option for you.

     5. Travel While Everyone Else Works

A major plus of retirement is that you’re on nobody’s schedule but your own! By taking a weekday or early morning flight, you can cut costs and reallocate them to delicious food or souvenirs for your loved ones.

Try booking a room during the off-season or flying from a smaller airport. Not only can this save you substantial amounts but with less people around, you have more freedom and privacy to ensure a smooth vacation.

At Insight, we take pride in helping our clients prepare for their retirement goals to make sure they can visit those places on their bucket list. We know that achieving this type of retirement lifestyle takes planning and help to stay on track. Whether you’re interested in Houston retirement strategies or retirement planning advice in San Ramon, call us today and see how Insight can help you make the most of your golden years.



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