How to Motivate Your Kids and Grandkids to Save Money

It can be hard to convince kids to save the cash they receive for their birthdays and holidays. However, saving early can have great long-term rewards! It never hurts to start good saving habits that will become second nature in the future. Here are some tips on how to motivate your kids to save money:

  • Teach Kids Wants vs. Needs

To get started, have a discussion with your kids explaining the difference between wants and needs. Point out needs around the house (food, medicine, clothing, etc.) and identify the wants (expensive shoes, video games, etc.). This will help your kids understand prioritization when it comes to spending and budgeting. Learning this difference is essential to saving now and in the future.

  • Pay Allowance

Many parents will give their children an allowance for chores. This can be a great tactic, as it gives kids the responsibility of earning their own money. Not only will they be motivated to complete more chores, but they will also understand the value of money on a deeper level. Not to mention it never hurts to have a helping hand around the house!

  • Help Your Kids Create Saving Plans and Set Goals

Setting savings goals can be incredibly motivating for younger people. Next time your kids want a new bike or video game, help them plan out how much they should save weekly to achieve their goals. Watching them get closer to their save goal per week should keep them motivated not to spend their hard-earned cash.

  • Set a Good Example

You are your kid’s main role model! Demonstrate saving habits daily and your kids will inevitably pick up on them. Talk to them about your own saving goals to help them understand that saving is a lifestyle change.

  • Show Kids How Their Money Can Grow

While investments can be a tricky subject, teaching older kids the basics can be a good way to get their toes dipped in the water. Simply explaining what a stock or a mutual fund is can go a long way. They’ll be amazed to find out that they can make money simply by saving.

Making saving a habit in your children’s lives can kickstart a great financial future. As you guide your children, we can create a plan for you here at Insight to help you reach your financial goals as well. Whether you’re looking for a financial planner in Houston or a financial planner in the Bay Area, request a consultation with one of our financial advisors today to get started.


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