Technology is the New Way of Learning

For the month of September, Insight Wealth Strategies chose to partner with Madison Park Academy located in Oakland, California. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many students in low-income communities have struggled to continue their education online due to lack of access to technology resources.  

“Among children ages 3-18, 17% live in households without a laptop or desktop computer. At least 11 million students don’t have a computer for online learning at all, in addition to those that may need to share a single device with siblings.” 

Ms. Tillman states, “They [her students] have continued to triumph and transition to this new world of distance learning like troopers. My students have persevered through these uncharted times, and I would love to continue to feed their hunger for learning, whether near or far.”  

We here at Insight Wealth Strategies wanted to assist in removing the barriers to remote learning, so to help Ms. Tillman and her students succeed in this new learning environment, we decided to open her ongoing project to our company and allow anybody interested to donate money towards their cause.  

Collectively, we were able to donate $2250 towards providing iPads for her students.  

However, her goal of receiving $6,479.02 has still not been met. If you are interested in learning more about Ms. Tillman’s campaign to help maximize the number of students who have access to the tools they need no matter their social-economic status, please visit her page at: These students are our future and deserve the same access to education as every other student, regardless of the current pandemic affecting everyone worldwide. 

It’s making these small steps towards equality that will create a big change in a student’s life.  We hope that Ms. Tillman and her students have a successful school year! 

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