Things to Do During Retirement

The sudden shift from working five days a week to free time post-retirement can be overwhelming. Changing from your 9 to 5 routine can be both fun and challenging. Luckily, there are so many activities and things to do during retirement years for you to try, whether alone, with your partner, or with friends.

Whether you’re looking to take on a new hobby, learn a new skill, or continue working during retirement, there are plenty of options to fill your free time with. If you find yourself not knowing where to get started, here are some options:

Grow a Garden

Planting a garden is a great way to soak in Vitamin D, get some low-impact exercise, and relieve stress. Enjoy breathing in the fresh outdoor air while doing this peaceful activity. You can also enjoy this activity with your partner, kids and grandkids, or friends if you prefer to have company. Not only is this a fun experience, but it’s also a rewarding one as well. In a few months, you’ll look back at what you’ve grown with a smile.

Take a Swim Class

It’s never too late to learn how to swim. Water aerobics and swimming have great health effects, such as improving joint health and cardiovascular strength with low risk of injury. Check out your city’s recreational website or the Red Cross to find swimming lessons offered to adults.

Learn a New Instrument

From the guitar to the marimbas, there are countless instruments that you can learn to play. Your local music stores should have everything you need including sheet music, instruments, and teachers. Wow your friends and family with your ability to play their favorite songs at the next get-together.

Try Arts & Crafts

Let your creativity flow with arts and crafts activities like painting, ceramics, or sculpture. Take a class or hop over to your local crafts store to get started. Try joining a sewing group or sign up for a pottery class to meet people with similar interests. This can also be a great option for spending time with your family, grandkids, and friends.

Take a Dance Class

A great retirement activity is one that gets you up and moving, so why not get your body moving through a fun dance class! Try a jazzercise class on your own or a salsa class with your partner. Let your heart race to the beat of some great music and improve your health at the same time.


Volunteering with an organization can be a great tool to find a new sense of purpose. Stop by your local animal shelter for a cute and rewarding experience. Groups like Senior Corps and Koya Partners connect people with volunteer organizations where they can make a great impact.

Share Your Words of Wisdom

As it’s been said, with age comes wisdom, and why not share your wisdom and offer advice? This can include wisdom and advice you gained through your working years, as a parent, regarding a hobby, etc. Share any advice you have through a quick YouTube video or blog post. Sites like WordPress make it simple to get started on a blog. If you’re ready to be on camera, employ the help of your grandchildren or research online to learn how to film a video. Post it on YouTube, sit back and let your audience grow.

Speak with a financial advisor

One of the most important things to do when planning for retirement years is to take the right steps to secure a financial future. At Insight, we help you make decisions toward financial strategies for successful retirement and securing a financial future so you can retire in comfort and have the time to try out new activities. Find a Houston financial advisor or contact our San Ramon wealth management team to get started on retirement planning

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