Founder/ Financial Planner

David Chazin is a fee-only financial planner and the CEO of Insight Wealth Strategies. His practice focuses on helping provide his clients with a comprehensive solution to their financial needs. He delivers objective, strategic, and prudent advice designed to help his clients accumulate, retain and transfer wealth.

This typically ranges from assisting clients with their investments by applying proper asset allocation, risk tolerance assessment, and modern portfolio theory techniques, to developing a customized, fully comprehensive financial plan identifying issues that need to be addressed and outlining steps that need to be taken.

David’s expertise encompasses retirement planning, investment planning/management, estate planning, and high-level strategies to help business owners and individuals minimize their income taxes. He works closely with his clients’ attorneys, CPA’s, and other advisors, integrating their efforts to most effectively help his clients implement the recommended strategies to guide them toward their financial goals, giving them a great deal of personal attention and adapting their plan to fit their ever-changing lives.

Prior to founding Insight Wealth Strategies, David gained twenty-plus years of financial experience as the founder and CEO of two successful companies: in 1989, he started Lasertek, a pioneer in the field of remanufacturing print toner cartridges, and in 1994, he started BooksNow, one of the first internet bookstores. He studied Business at San Diego State University.