December Employee Spotlight

Kim Conley

Driven by her motivation to seek out the happiness, engagement, and retention of employees, Kim Conley has exceled as the Head of People at Insight, ensuring the success of the employees and financial planners. Her outgoing personality, organizational, and management skills have benefited the company and allowed it to thrive. Luckily for Insight, Kim was prompted to get into Human Resources after she began working for a tech startup in Europe 15 years ago. Kim said, “Things were disorganized, hectic and constantly evolving, which is when I realized how important it is to focus on onboarding new employees properly and keeping all the employees motivated and engaged.”  

Since being with us for three years now at Insight, Kim says, “Getting to be a part of the Insight team has been a great journey so far. As we continue to enhance our offering to our clients by becoming an RIA, moving into a bigger office space, welcome new planners, becoming fee-only, and modernizing our work processes, each week we are all given opportunities to learn, acquire new skills, step out of our comfort zone, and really contribute to the work that this company is doing. I’m happy to work with our amazing staff and planners and learn something new every day.” 

Between work, her personal life, and COVID-19, Kim has re-discovered what it means to slow down and savor every part of life. With her husband and herself working from home and their children attending virtual classes, they’ve all come to appreciate life’s little moments at home away from life’s usual hustle it used to bring in the mornings. Breakfasts at home have allowed them to cherish the extra time together.  

Kim especially knows what pleasure it is to enjoy being home after a life of traveling 16 countries and living abroad. She had the opportunity to live in Europe for six years and she says, “Although I love traveling, I am very content to finally settle down after all these adventures. I really enjoy watching YouTube videos or Googling instructions in order to fix things around the house with my daughter. Appliances, light fixtures, garage door openers, etc. I do have a few intimidating ones that I have yet to cross off my list though.”  

Through all her life of new experiences and adventure, we are very lucky to have Kim with us here at Insight now. We hope to continue to have many more successful years together. From us all at Insight, thank you for all your work, Kim.