Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano Volunteer Event

This year our team was able to volunteer in-person at the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano. Insight Wealth Strategies employees donated their time to help pack 2,000 boxes of food to be distributed to struggling community members with nutritious foods for the upcoming holidays.

Erica Needham, Marketing Coordinator at Insight, stated “It felt so good to be able to give back to a program that has helped so many Bay Area residents, especially during the last year and a half, when people have been more in need of assistance than ever. I personally know people who have been impacted by hunger and food shortages and the Food Bank of Contra Costa has been a lifesaver for them and their families. I cannot think of a better way to start off the Holiday season than to give back to such a great organization.”

David Chazin filling boxes on the assembly line

Brian Stormont & Alex Austin working the prep station

The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano partners with Feeding America, a nonprofit association of 200 food banks to help support hunger-fighting organizations in 18 Northern California counties. The food bank receives both perishable and nonperishable foods from a variety of places, including government-funded programs, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, brokers, food drives, farmers and individuals. With these generous donations and programs, the food bank is able to partner with 260 local nonprofits and distribute nutritious foods throughout the community by operating free food programs every week.

Current impact on the communities served by the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano:

  • Serve 1 in 9 residents
  • Provide nearly 3,000,000 meals per month
  • 50% of food is fresh produce
  • Partner with 260 local nonprofits
  • Rescue 4,500,000 lbs. of food waste annually
  • Feed neighbors 7 days a week

Want to get involved?

There are a variety of ways to get involved and help end hunger. First, you can donate money. Every $1 donated provides food for two meals. Also, you can donate food. This can be done through food drives or simply by donating food you no longer need. Third, you can become an advocate and help educate the public and policymakers to encourage them to partner with local food banks to improve the accessibility to nutritious foods. Lastly, you can volunteer at upcoming events. There are different volunteer events based on location and type of volunteer work. Take a look at their website to find the best option that suits you.

(Left to right) Paolo Coronel, Camille Mobley & Tim Raftis preparing and filling boxes.

(Top to bottom) Paolo Coronel, Camille Mobley & Tim Raftis preparing and filling boxes.

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