November Planner Spotlight

Originally from The Woodlands, Texas, Aaron Karas was motivated by his awareness that the people around him, including his parents, were making financial and investment choices without having all of the information to make an informed decision. He joined the industry in order to help teach those who needed it, and for Aaron, his hard work has paid off. His greatest reward has been the relationships he’s built over time that have evolved into genuine friendships built on honesty and trust, or when a client thanks him for assisting in their financial success.  

The team of professionals that he works with every day at the office (pre-COVID) is his favorite aspect of working at Insight Wealth Strategies. He says they are a team that has a saying, “You better check your ego at the door, ‘cause it has no place here.”  

Since working at home since March, Aaron has also been doing a different kind of teaching. His daughter, who’s in 1st grade has been doing online Zoom classes through their local elementary school. “I learned quickly that to be a first-grade teacher you need to be so patient. Bless these teachers. They have a special gift that I do not have,” said Aaron.  

When not actively working, Aaron pours his time into his wife and two kids. He also feels fortunate to spend time coaching quarterbacks at the local high school. This has allowed him to stay involved in a game that he played from his early years, and throughout his college career as a quarterback while he attended Baylor University.  

Helping people, loving people and treating people are all encompassed in the work he does and life he lives.  

We thank Aaron for all the hard work and time he puts into all aspects of his life. It is truly appreciated, from everyone at IWS. 

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