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Understanding Segment Rates: "Am I working for free?"

With interest rates on the rise, many Chevron employees are asking themselves “Am I working for free?”.

If retirement is on the horizon for you, choosing the right month to commence benefits could be trickier than it seems.

We break down how segment rates work, how they affect your lump-sum payment and why the timing of your retirement is so important. 

We have over 20 years of experience helping Chevron employees navigate their retirement and get the most out of their benefits package.

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The Chevron Retirement Plan (CRP) can be taken as a lump sum or an annuity stream of income, at the separation of service from Chevron. The pros and cons for the two options should be considered carefully before electing which option is appropriate for your financial situation. Over the years, the majority of Chevron employees have opted for lump-sum.
It is important to understand the variables that are used in the calculation for the lump-sum payout. One important factor is the Segment Rates.
Segment Rates are published by the Secretary of Treasury 7 to 15 days after the end of the month.
The calculation for the three segment rates are based on yield averages over the previous month as follows:
The way Chevron determines the segment rates in your lump-sum calculation is as follow:
In short, this method is advantageous for you in a rising interest rate environment.
When you decide to retire from Chevron, you will need to notify HR and order your When You Leave package. Please note that this package can only be ordered up to 90 days before your set retirement date. Once the HR receives your paperwork in good order, the current Chevron segment rates are applied. In order to get the lump-sum payout at the beginning of following month, paperwork should be turned in at least two weeks prior.

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