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Tax Reduction Strategies

The amount you earn isn’t nearly as important as the amount you retain, which is why tax reduction strategies should play a major role in your wealth management.
Our clients spend much of their time accumulating wealth. One of our core tenets is to ensure that our clients maximize their savings rather than owe taxes to the government. We believe that you deserve to enjoy your hard-earned wealth.
In our planning, we utilize strategies to minimize and even negate taxes. We analyze the ways in which you can reduce income taxes, capital gains taxes, alternative minimum taxes and estate taxes.

You may already be using accounts that are tax-deferred and tax-advantaged. This is a great step, but when we make investment recommendations, we go beyond tax-deferred and tax-advantaged. We manage our clients’ money differently for accounts that are qualified and non-qualified accounts, utilizing strategies such as tax-efficient mutual funds, municipal bonds, and tax-loss harvesting.

Another tax reduction strategy would be a 1035 exchange, which allows the transfer of the cash value of a life insurance policy or an annuity without incurring any taxes. There are various reasons why a person would want to transfer the accumulated funds of an insurance policy or annuity, but it is important to abide by certain restrictions

There are alternative investment strategies designed to reduce income taxes in the year of purchase, which we analyze and incorporate when it’s an appropriate fit for our client.

Our estate planning is focused on reducing estate taxes.

As we work together to identify strategies to grow your wealth, our tax minimizing approach may be the most satisfying for you to implement. Our strategies to bypass hefty taxes take little effort on your part but can significantly impact your profits. It is best to work with a professional to ensure that you are legally following the Tax Code to avoid facing any penalties. We want you to feel secure and protected while making these frugal, tax reducing decisions.

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