Chevron Incentive Plan (CIP)

The Chevron Incentive Plan (CIP) is a once per year bonus that is paid by the Chevron corporation and is determined by the performance of the Company, Business Unit, and the eligible employee. One issue that we commonly address with clients is that they may want to adjust the 401k contribution from their Bonus, as it will be larger than their normal salaried contribution and cause them to reach their contribution limits earlier in the year than planned.

Another planning consideration with regard to the CIP is the timing of retirement from Chevron. When an employee retires on or after April 2nd, they will be eligible for a Pro-rated portion of the bonus for that year (payable the following spring). This proration occurs for every quarter i.e. retire July 2nd and you would qualify for 50% CIP for that year.

Maximizing the benefits of your Chevron retirement plan and other plan benefits is essential for effective wealth management. Understanding the impact of bonuses on your savings plan and making informed decisions can significantly enhance your overall compensation.

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Company retirement plans are subject to change. For specific plan information consult your human resource department.